alphaengine is a revolutionary predictive diagnostic system with powerful diagnostic functions and huge cost savings potential. It is able to analyze all kinds of combustion engines and turbochargers and provide cylinder specific engine performance indicators. The analysis is based on torsional vibration measured by the crankshaft speed sensor. Anomalies can be detected early in order to keep your assets on track while your business grows.
Product features:
  • Inline and V-type engines
  • 2 and 4 stroke engines
  • Up to 30 cylinders
  • Diesel, natural gas, gasoline and heavy oil engines
  • Independent of engine manufacturer
  • One speed sensor enables analysis of overall operating condition
  • Second speed sensor enables cylinder-specific diagnosis
After ananlysis of the acquired measurement data, alphaengine provides the following condition indicators:
  • Mechanical Health is the overall indication of the mechanical condition of the engine.
  • Operating Condition indicates how efficiently the engine is running.
  • Mechanical Stresses informs about the presence of unexpected stress pulses in the crankshaft twist.
  • Mounts indicates engine imbalance due to non-optimal thermal health and inertial resistance of moving parts.
  • Torsional Angle informs about dynamic torsion in the crankshaft.
  • Compression compares cylinder pressures and indicates power loss or efficiency of the engine.
  • Injection gives an information about injection timing and fuel atomization.
  • Bearing indicates dynamic behavior of bearings and all moving parts.
These indicators can be viewed graphically (see example report), stored numerically or passed on to other systems via defined interfaces and communication systems.