alphasystem alphasystem

alphasystem is a complete predictive diagnostic system, capable of analyzing combustion engines, rotating machines and bearings. Its modular concept allows you to choose from different hardware and software options and tailor the system to your specific needs. alphasystem allows you to be proactive in your maintenance by alerting you to upcoming issues, thereby eliminating last minute and cost intensive maintenance emergencies. Finally, alphasystem's capabilities allow operators to avoid increased energy consumption due to undetected fault conditions.

alphaengine alphaengine

alphaengine is a revolutionary predictive diagnostic system with powerful diagnostic functions and huge cost savings potential. It is able to analyze all kinds of combustion engines and turbochargers and provide cylinder specific engine performance indicators. The analysis is based on torsional vibration measured by the crankshaft speed sensor. Anomalies can be detected early in order to keep your assets on track while your business grows.

alphaturbo alphaturbo

alphaturbo uses the speed sensor signal from any turbocharger to provide information on the mechanical health of the turbo. Two indicators help to detect issues with bearing friction and damage to the turbo rotor.

alphabearing alphabearing

Excessive wear of bearings can result in unscheduled maintenance, reduction of bearing lifetime and increased operating costs. alphabearing allows early stage detection of fault conditions, enabling sufficient time for repairs and/or maintenance before significant damage occurs. The system also prevents power losses on the overall system due to damaged bearings.

alphamotor alphamotor

Defects in electric motors can be caused by over-current, overheating, vibration, low resistance, dirt etc. alphamotor provides 4 health indicators for the motor: Stability, mechanical stress, electromagnetic stress and bearing condition. This allows the operator to detect potential faults early and avoid reductions in lifetime or costly repairs.

alphatorque alphatorque

alphatorque is used to determine static and dynamic torque on shafts of all diameters and speed ranges. No electronic parts have to be installed on the shaft. The system is easy to install, both on new installations and shafts that are in operation.

alphacompressor alphacompressor

alphacompressor is a new module under development which is able to analyze reciprocating compressors using 2 speed sensors.

alphagearbox alphagearbox

alphagearbox is a new module under development which is able to analyze various types of gearboxes using 2 speed sensors.