alphasystem allows railway operators to monitor diesel engines, traction motors, gearboxes and bearings of their entire fleet, thereby helping to reduce maintenance cost, avoid defects and save fuel. Diagnostic data is collected on each vehicle and can be transmitted to a central system for maintenance planning, fleet performance analysis etc.


Monitoring the condition of a vessel's main and auxiliary engines is not the only function alphasystem provides - it also allows crews to diagnose turbochargers and bearings on their powertrain. Additionally, the alphatorque module provides operators a measurement of static and dynamic torque on the vessel's shaft. Diagnostic data of a complete fleet can be analyzed through the use of a central database, enabling fleet owners to optimize maintenance time and avoid excessive fuel consumption.

Wind Energy

Off- and on-shore installations are equally suitable for our diagnostic systems. alphasystem provides information about the condition of turbines, bearings, gearboxes, couplings and generators. Data can be collected centrally to monitor entire wind parks remotely.

Industrial Automation

Avoiding unnecessary downtime is key to industrial automation. alphasystem contributes to this goal by providing early indications of any anomalies. Most rotating equipment can be monitored, e.g. motors/drives, gearboxes, bearings etc. All data can be collected and analyzed centrally.

Oil & Gas

alphasystem is able to provide diagnostic information on a variety of equipment used in the oil & gas industry. Diesel and natural gas engines, gearboxes, couplings and pumps can be analyzed, thereby helping to minimize maintenance cost and downtime.